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rent speakers & lights 

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These lights are designed to flood the dance floor with colour. They may include LED spotlight and flood lights, lights which flash.Unlike the “Dinner Atmosphere” lights which are meant to make you calm and in awe, the “Party Atmosphere” lights are meant to overwhelm the senses, increase your heart rate and cause excitement.

  • String Lights
    String Lights
  • Chauvet Intimidator 350 beam Led
    Chauvet Intimidator 350 beam Led
  • Chauvet Qspot 560
    Chauvet Qspot 560
  • Chauvet 4 play
    Chauvet 4 play
  • Chauvet Trident
    Chauvet Trident
  • Chauvet moving head 250
    Chauvet moving head 250
  • Chauvet wash effects
    Chauvet wash effects
  • Chauvet Radious 2.0
    Chauvet Radious 2.0
  • Chauvet Tridevt
    Chauvet Tridevt
  • Chauvet 4 Bar
    Chauvet 4 Bar
  • Chauvet Circus 2.0
    Chauvet Circus 2.0
  • chauvet rotosphere
    chauvet rotosphere
  • Strobe
  • Mirror Ball
    Mirror Ball
  • Freedom sticks
    Freedom sticks
  • Chauvet Swarm 5Fx
    Chauvet Swarm 5Fx
  • Chauvet Motion Orb
    Chauvet Motion Orb
  • Freedom Sicks
    Freedom Sicks
String Lights
String Lights