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Conference Equipment Rental - Microphones

A push-to-talk microphone rental from Shure, the industry leader in professional microphones for all applications. The Shure MX418/S is identical to the Shure MX418, but offers an all-in-one design, mute switch, and LED indicator for when the mic is live. Rent this mic for board meetings, conferences and panel discussions where speakers desire additional control over their microphone.

Conference Equipment Rental - Translation systems

Our simultaneous interpretation equipment can be used either for large conferences or for small meetings with multilingual members. Whatever the needs are, we have the products and also consultants to provide you with your requirements. We can provide excellent simultaneous interpretation services and quality translation equipment for any size conference or meeting. The interpretation systems from leading equipment manufacturers are readily available for rent at affordable rates. The customers can contact our specialists who can help you with any information regarding the interpretation services.

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Conference Equipment Rental


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