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Lighting Equipment Rentals


Lighting Equipment Rental

Lighting creates an atmosphere and ambiance that awakens the soul. The artistry of renting lighting equipment from Onstage Systems is nothing short of majestic.

Utilizing an expansive inventory of conventional stage lighting fixtures, Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting technology, and automated lighting fixtures, the potential to transform any venue into a visual spectacle is only limited by your imagination with Renttasound Systems.

By combining the artistic impressions of our extremely talented staff of visual storytellers, along with the technical prowess of the best stage designers, directors, and technicians in the stage lighting and light fixtures rental business you will be able to create one powerful platform for you to see your vision come to life in ways unimaginable before.

Below is a collection of our most commonly requested lighting equipment.

The equipment you need not on our list? Please contact us to learn how we can put together an audio-visual package that will work for your event.

Decor Lighting

At Renttasound we provide Event Design & Decor specializes in lighting that can transform your venue with light scaping to create ambiance, romance or excitement. We serve all of St Maarten to transform your corporate party, wedding, prom or private celebration with dazzling lighting decor including state of the art LED up-lighting, ceiling lightings. We customize each celebration, working with you to create a lighting package that fits your style and budget. Contact us today to schedule a free lighting consultation.

Party Lighting

These lights are designed to flood the dance floor with colour. They may include LED spotlight and flood lights, lights which flash.Unlike the “Dinner Atmosphere” lights which are meant to make you calm and in awe, the “Party Atmosphere” lights are meant to overwhelm the senses, increase your heart rate and cause excitement.

Wedding & Event Lighting

wedding lighting

Lighting is an extremely effective way of creating the atmosphere you want for your Event. You will want your guests to feel relaxed, excited, full of anticipation, and enthusiastic...or a combination of all of these!

We can create the mood you want using colours, shapes, toning effects and angles. We work in various spaces, including 5 star hotels, ballrooms, our historic forts and anywhere you can think of. Lighting equipment used creatively provides the perfect atmosphere.

Stage Lighting

Stage Lighting

Whether you need two to eight lights, ACL bars, PARs, scoops or Lycian spotlights, we're here to help you make the best choice for your individual event from among our catalog of conventional stage lighting rental equipment.

Gobo Projection

We are pleased to provide a way to showcase your initials, name,Company logo and more in lights! It's a custom Gobo!

You ask what is a Gobo? Simply put, a piece of metal or glass, which fits into our professional lighting system and projects a pattern onto a wall, ceiling or dance floor. Brides, Companies all over are talking about it! What a unique way to remember your first dance, the whole reception are your Special event Pricing: Ranges from $150.00 to $200.00 for the personalized Gobo light. 

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